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Repatriation Services in Kenya

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    Repatriation Services in Kenya x

    International Repatriation to and from Kenyax

    At Montezuma Monalisa Funeral Home Ltd we have extensive experience in making arrangements for the repatriation of deceased persons to and from Kenya, we are able to offer your loved ones the personal service and attention required to alleviate any worry and concern. We have a detailed awareness of the individual rules and regulations relating to documentation and permits for each country. We are able to arrange all relevant permits and documents, supply a casket suitable for transportation by air, and arrange the transfer of the deceased to the airport.

    What is Repatriation?x

    Repatriation is the act of restoring a person to his or her native land. In this context repatriation is taking home the body or human remains of someone who has died or been buried in a foreign land; a land that is not of his birth or that of his ancestors. There may be a personal desire to be buried in the native country that person was born in. Alternatively, the family may feel that the person’s soul may not be at peace if the body was buried anywhere but their homeland.
    You should state your desires to be repatriated in your will. It may be your wish to be buried in the land of your birth, perhaps a family grave or a church cemetery where members of the family or clan have always been buried. It is always wise to discuss your wishes with family and close friends so that they are prepared to see to your final wishes.

    Montezuma Monalisa Funeral Home Ltd offers a complete worldwide repatriation service. From the removal of the deceased, the embalming, the provision of a suitable casket for air transport, the legal documentation for foreign shipment and the documents, and the air transportation to the deceased’s country of origin.

    Services we are able to provide in the arrangement of an outgoing international repatriation:x

    • Transfer of the deceased from any location in Kenya to our funeral homes in Nairobi, Thika and Machakos
    • Reception and safe-keeping of the deceased at our funeral home prior to repatriation
    • Embalming and hygienic preparation of the deceased, in accordance with transportation regulations and in order to prepare the deceased for visitation and open-casket funeral services.
    • Provision of mortuary facilities for religious washing and preparation rites.
    • Provision of funeral home facilities for visitation purposes.
    • Provision of an extensive range of caskets for families’ selection.
    • Transfer of the deceased from our funeral homes in Nairobi, Thika & Machakos to any airport or seaport in Kenya.
    • Attendance at the relevant embassies, consulates and government offices to obtain the relevant permits and authorities for the purposes of repatriation
    • Booking and confirmation of flights to any destination worldwide
    • Communication with our partner funeral homes and other relevant authorities in the destination country
    • Arrangement and undertaking of a funeral service prior to repatriation, with all necessary staff, vehicles and furnishings.

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