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Company Background

Montezuma Funeral Services Limited is a limited Company, which was established in 1992 initially as a Funeral transport company and later as coffin manufacturing company.
Monalisa Funeral Services Limited was established in the year 2001 to compliment the services of Montezuma Funeral Services Limited. In year 2007 Montezuma & Monalisa Funeral Services achieved their dream of opening ultra-modern funeral home which is situated along Mbagathi way, Montezuma Monalisa funeral home.
These Montezuma & Monalisa Funeral Services have grown to be the most respected company in terms of having high quality hearses, coffins and services rendered to both local and international clients.
We are renown for quality low cost and high cost coffins which we do not only supply locally but also to neighboring states.

Our Commitment to Quality

We are the first company to come up with the first ever custom built passenger hearse in this region and indeed the entire continent. We have a fleet of various capacities i.e. 7 seater, 34 seater, 40 seater, Funeral Limos etc passenger hearses with special coffin compartments. These hearses have made funeral transport more manageable as it is more cost effective. Transport charges are based on zone radius from operating base.
On the side of coffins we manufacture high quality solid wood coffins i.e. meru oak, mahogany, camphor lined with satin material and imported coffin handles and wrap around handles. We have gone further by importing high quality coffins from overseas so that we satisfy the needs of our customers.
In the range of our coffins we have low cost, medium cost and high cost coffins covering the needs of all classes of mourners.

Our Vision

To be the leader in funeral service provision within Kenya and Eastern Africa. This we will achieve through our commitment to quality and efficiency, strengthening and involving our staff members, being innovative, leading through example and growing as an organization.

Our Mission

To provide an international and regional centre of excellence for quality funeral services through efficient facilities.

Our Core Values

Our Core Values
• Being Visionary
• Being Compassionate
• Being Professional and Ethical
• Maintain high Integrity
• Being dynamic in funeral service provision

Message from our Founder x

We are the largest Funeral Home in Kenya operating three major funeral homes in Nairobi, Thika and Machakos it is our desire to continue serving the economy and the public in Kenya for many years to come. Benjamin Kibiku, CEO & Founder

Celebrate the life and the memory of your loved one with a dignified funeral.

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